Pisces Life

Us pisces knows that, we have gone through the rough times, where we know by heart, gut, and more on any situation that we see, hear and think.

Don’t get me wrong, I have experience a lot and gone through situations where, it’s not good for me at all till this day; mean while since my life problems started when I was 18. I’m in a ruff road.

There’s a lot I can say at the moment but at this point right now I rather not speak my peace because I lost everything, on love, trust, care, believe, and more on a person. To be honest, I’m okay where I’m at, which is single life to I heal my self, and know where I stand.

I want anyone who is a Pisces to give me any feed back on issues and see what we can do to find something in common. For example Pros and Cons and find something in the middle.

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